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Related post: presented Institutional information tailored to the host organizations. Meetings attended included the American Academy of Allergy, American Society for Microbiology, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of America, and the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation. On January 28, 1980, the same day the President's budget for FY '81 was an- nounced, a "Program Review, FY '81" for the NlAlD was held. Forty-seven organizations were invited and 45 sent representatives. Budget and orogram information was presented by the Director. Each Program Director cited plans for FY '81 that would be possible with the President's budget. Representatives from the constituent organizations engaged in discussion with the NIAID staff on various programs. The NIAID Profile FY '79 was distributed. During the DRG Study Section meetings in June, Dr. Whitescarver arranged for several Congressional staff persons to attend. Those legislative aides who had previously expressed interest in NIH peer review were invited to observe. The Virology Study Section was selected for observation. Dr. Claire Buy Vpxl Online Winestock , the Executive Secretary, was very pleased to have the guests and conducted business as usual. Prior to the Study Section meeting. Dr. Whitescarver met with the Congressional staff Vpxl Online and discussed the particulars in processing a grant application before the scheduled study section review . The event was well received by the aides and they each made positive comments on the NIH peer review process. Office of Program Planning During fiscal year 1980, this office continued to advise the OD on the develop- ment, analysis, and evaluation of the Institute's programs; provided support and liaison to the various program managers in coordinating, integrating and articulating long-range program goals and strategies; and served as the princi- pal advisor on political and administrative developments which included project- ing their impact on NIAID programs and operations. The major documents for which the OPP had lead responsibility were the Institute's Annual Research Plan and the material required for Congressional budget presentations. It also re- sponded to requests from Trans-NIH Committees and other sources for program information and fiscal data. During the fiscal year, Dr. Alfred M. Webb retired after having served for 14 years as chief of the office. Dr. Webb's long-term association with OPP had provided him with an unusual degree of insight into the programs of the Institute and their relationship to those of other Institutes and our scientific constituency. Although we will be able to continue to receive his advice as a reemployed annuitant (consultant), he will be sorely missed. During the year, 1-3 Dr. Marilyn Bach joined the OPP by virtue of an IP A appointment and was as- signed lead responsibility for developing the Institute's Buy Cheap Vpxl Evaluation Plan. Late in FY 1980, Dr. John E. Nutter was appointed Acting Chief of OPP. We are currently analyzing the functions of the office and considering how best to utilize the staff and expand their role to encompass the increasing requirement from NIH and DHHS for formal program evaluation efforts; the Order Vpxl Online office was re- named the Office of Program Planning and Evaluation on August 1, 1980. Office of Specialized Research and Facilities The OSRF had primary responsibility during fiscal year 1980 for managing the NIH program to assess the risks of recombinant DNA research which involved several related efforts and component projects. The OSRF-supported projects that elicited the greatest interest from the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee and members of the public were four contracts investigating various E . coli based host-vector systems and a workshop that focused on two potential risk scenarios. Survival in the environment and the potential for selective advantage of organ- isms carrying recombinant DNA, should they survive, have been cited as matters of concern and NIAID had four contractors working on various aspects of this issue. The tests were performed in situations simulating accidental spills in the laboratory, in a model sewage treatment system, in mice and cultures simulating the mouse gastrointestinal system, Generic Vpxl and finally in germfree mice and humans. These projects provided direct data which supported the theoretical advantage of using disabled hosts and vectors in recombinant DNA research. In general, the E. coli K- 12 systems survive less well in these natural environments than do "wild" type" strains but, more importantly, a transfer of the vectors from certi- fied hosts to the indigenous flora was searched for and not found. The workshop was designed to Order Vpxl define the Cheap Vpxl scientific issues and assess the poten- tial risks of: (a) possible direct adverse effects of hormone-producing strains of E. coli K-12; and (b) the possible occurrence of autoantibodies or autoreac- tive cells due to the production of eukaryotic polypeptides (including hormones) by E. coli K-12 should they colonize higher organisms. The puroose was to decide whether the two specific possibilities are valid scientific hyootheses if such an event did occur ; and if valid , to determine if sufficient experimental data already exist to make a final judgment concerning possible risk. Buy Vpxl If data were insufficient, the participants were asked to outline those types of studies necessary to develop the definitive information on these issues. The meeting brought together 92 scientists from the fields of immunology , endocrinology, physiology, microbiology, infectious diseases and other appropriate disciplines. During the latter part of FY 1980, OSRF Purchase Vpxl developed the Institute's response to two recommendations from the workshop to support appropriate studies to deter- mine if concerns related to potential hazards of a breakdown of tolerance or adsorption of active peptides from the gastrointestinal tract have validity. Part of the Risk Assessment Plan requires an annual update and OSRF has lead responsibility for construction of that document and the collection and collation of information from the NIAID Intramural Research Program, the other Insti- tutes at the NIH, and various sources other than those directly supported by the Office itself. 1-4 During the year, a bilateral agreement was signed with the Japanese Govern- ment relating to nonenergy science and technology cooperation and one major component was recombinant DNA technology. The Director, NIAID , was desig- nated as the U.S. governmental representative and OSRF has been interacting with all key individuals to organize the first meeting during FY 1981. It is anticipated that the initial meeting will focus on general topics of mutual inter- est and that speakers from both countries could address each issue from Purchase Vpxl Online either the administrative /governmental or scientific viewpoint as appropriate. There
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